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Do you want people to start listening to what you say, rather than how you say it?

Being understood clearly in a foreign language can be challenging. Adding to this, interacting with colleauges and superiors online requires extra attention to pronunciation, intonation, and fluency techniques to guarantee our message gets across clearly. We will provide you with the tools, strategies, and awareness so you can be clearly understood, effectively communicate, and feel confident when doing so. 

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What outcomes could you achieve?

Fewer Misunderstandings

Raise your awareness; clarify your message.

In the initial, complimentary English Action Plan and Diagnostic meeting, we'll assess which specific sounds are causing confusion in your listeners, and then form a time-bound Action Plan to begin building awareness and reducing misunderstandings.

Speak Confidently

Address and minimize speaking-derived insecurities.

Communicate your ideas with assurance and confidence in your delivery through greater awareness of American English phonetics. Let your authentic personality show through your speaking.

Communicate Effectively

Build strategies so your listeners understand you the first time, every time.

While we can improve your accent, communication goes beyond that alone. We'll de-mystify Intonation, Word Stress, and Rhythm so you can speak the way your listeners' expect, so they'll understand you right away.

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What does this mean in real life?

Boost Interview, Presentation, and Meeting Skills; Build Rapport Faster

Interpersonal skills are critical for professional success - give yourself a competitive edge.

In these specific circumstances, there are oftentimes unspoken but critical demands expected of us. With our specialized material on these topics, you can walk into any professional situation without fear.
As you improve, you'll build rapport more quickly with your counterparts, and set yourself on equal footing to achieve your professional goals.

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How does it work?

What is our approach to teaching fluency and pronunciation?

Our method for improving your pronunciation and fluency is based on research in the fields of Second Language Acquisition, Psychology, and Education. This interdisciplinary approach places your improvement at the center of a multi-pronged process of enhancing phonetic awareness, re-imagining communicative concepts, and challenging your brain to engage in deeper, lasting learning processes. 

All this aims for you to achieve greater confidence in communication that will make people want to listen to you.

We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to feel confident and fully yourself when communicating in English. 

That means clarity in pronunciation, smooth and connected fluency, and the customary English intonation patterns so that you can truly own every word you speak in English. This is what our coaching can help you to achieve. 

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